PSW Executive Search takes a comprehensive approach to our clients’ recruitment needs. Among our services, we offer the following:

For strategic and business critical roles we offer our Executive Search services.  Here we concentrate on profiling and searching for candidates who meet the strict criteria of these roles.  A global search is more often than not performed with the assistance of the dedicated research team which include researchers who are from the region and therefore able to streamline the search in a more time efficient manner.

More often than not candidates of this calibre are not prone to a career change and are often happy in their current positions.  For this reason they do not respond to traditional job postings and do not advertise their credentials on recruiter websites – they tend to only respond to direct headhunts.

Considering the sensitivity surrounding these searches PSW Executive Search operates with complete confidentiality and discretion at all times. Executive Search is the most effective, efficient and successful method for senior hires.

In contingent recruitment, we source appropriate candidates through the classic methods of job advertisements, existing databases, and referral networks.

Contingency is a process of screening candidates and evaluating their relevance. Typically, contingent recruitment is suitable for less senior placements.

PSW Executive Search have a skilled team who can agree on a suitable strategy in order to set up in some cases entire teams if necessary.

We have the experience in order to deliver a tailor made solution in order to manage the process at all stages. 

Through thorough reference checks PSW Executive Search is able to assist clients in ascertaining the following:

  • Viability of information provided
  • Credibility of pre-written references
  • Previous performance
  • Personality overview

PSW Executive Search have a skilled team who also provide CV Formatting services, Job Interview consultation, Social Media consultation, Cover Letter writing, Professional Bio.

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